10 Reasons Why Faux Wood Blinds Are Perfect for Your Home

10 Reasons Why Faux Wood Blinds Are Perfect for Your Home

If your priority is durability, affordability, and elegant looks, then Faux wood blinds are best for you. They are one of the most popular and economical-friendly blinds for residential as well as commercial use. Appearance-wise, they reflect the look of natural wood. However, they are made from different products and adhesives. 

The resemblance of wood made them highly anticipated and timeless fashion for homeowners. Moreover, if you have hardwood or laminate flooring, then faux wood blinds would perfectly blend with your interior. Regarding composition, these blinds are manufactured with vinyl, mixed natural wood, or PVC. 

Texture aside, they serve multiple features and attributes that make them the number one choice for Canadian homes. They have enough resistance to endure moisture and humid environment. Unlike traditional wood blinds, these blinds are environmentally friendly and affordable.  

In this article, we will discover more benefits you will get after installing faux wooden blinds in your home. So let's dive deep and learn how you can get the most affordable yet quality wooden blinds. 

10 Reasons Why Faux Wooden Blinds Are Perfect for Your Home

1: Affordable Pricing 

As mentioned earlier, faux wood blinds are one of the most reasonable blinds on the market. They are one-fourth fraction of real wood in terms of costs and budget. So installing these binds will not only save you extra cost but also give you a natural wood feel. 

Whether you want a classic look or a modern luxury look for your home, these blinds are here to assist you without the high price tag. Affordability aside, these blinds are also the best alternative option to real wood blinds in terms of specifications and advantages.  

2: Durability

After budget and pricing, the durability and life span of any wooden covering is really important. Even there is no sense in buying affordable blinds if they are not weather resistant and good survival in the longer run. Because window blinds are one of the home assets that add value to your home. 

Faux wooden blinds are persistent and provide longevity over a long sane of time. They can easily resist various temperature conditions, fading, sun rays, and crushing. So investing in faux wooden blinds is like a money-back guarantee. 

3: Moisture Resistance

Contrary to real wood blinds, faux wooden blinds are highly humid-resistant and can combat moisture. That's why they are ideal for installing in rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry areas, and basement. 

4: Easy Maintenance

Looking for easy-to-clean and no-hassle blinds? Look no further faux wooden blinds are one of the easy-to-maintain and convent blinds when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness. Frequent dusting like once per week, is enough to retain their shine and original look for a long time. 

In case of any stain, they can be washed off with a solution of any detergent in mild water. Likewise, neither they crack nor their color fades away like wooden blinds.  

5: Versatility

While home remodeling, matching window covering with interior and flooring is always the homeowner's priority. So if you are one of those who are looking for faux wood blinds that can complement their interior, then you got covered. 

Because faux wood blinds are manufactured with different fabrics and can be found in versatile colors and shades. 

In case you don't find them according to your choice, you can customize them as per your requirements. At shopeasyblinds, we have the best Faux wood blinds in Canada, containing different colors, types, textures, and designs.

6: Privacy and Light Control

Are you looking for blinds to cover your windows in the master bedrooms? In this case, you need a window blind that provides a 100% privacy feature. Fortunately, faux blinds are one of these window coverings that provide maximum security and block the outside view. 

It means any outsider can not view the inside of your room, even in daylight. 

You just need to adjust the slate of faux wood blinds, and you are done. They also provide light control and let you filter the amount of light. In this way, they are also convenient for regulating the temperature in the room. 

7: Insulation

Faux wooden blinds are also energy efficient and save electricity costs. Because they keep the temperature of the home airy in summer and warm in winter. The material used in the composition of the faux wood fabric is highly insulating and weather persistent. 

In addition, they are also resistant in terms of scratches, fading, and cracks. If you have kids, then these blinds are best for all for your window covering. The thick modeled PCV provides barriers from harsh weather and applies weather stripping around the edges of the windows to create a tight seal.

8: Environmentally Friendly

They are made from sustainable materials and radiate elegance and elevate the ambiance of your home without any harm to the environment. Plus, the materials are also anti-allergic and don't cause any damage to health. 

So if you are environmentally conscious and want to buy eco-sustainable products, then these blinds are ideal. They also save electricity by regulating the temperature and reducing the need to turn the air conditioner in the summer. Likewise, it will save you from switching the electrical heat 24/7 in your home in winter. 

9: Child and Pet-Friendly

Homeowners with kids and pets always have concerns about the protection of their kids. So if you are one of them and you want a reliable and safe window covering, faux wood blinds will never disappoint you. 

With its no chord operating option, there will be no accidental injuries or any harmful entanglements. Similarly, they are also available in motorized operating mechanisms. So buy the faux blinds according to your circumstances. 

10: Easy Installation

Blinds that are relatively easy to install and don’t need any technical assistance are more likely to be loved by homeowners. As they are convenient to use in any residential area, faux wooden blinds are one of them. They come with a hassle-free installation process without any technical aspects. 


Faux wood blinds in Canada are in huge demand among homeowners because of their versatility in nature. So it is better to buy blinds from reputable and trustworthy manufacturers. Because high-quality faux wooden binds can last for many years. So if you are thinking of ordering faux wood blinds online, you can visit shopeasyblinds for the best options at affordable rates.