5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Zebra Shades In Canada

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Zebra Shades In Canada

What to know before buying zebra blinds for your home. Is the question that keeps you up at night? Considering the diverse range of window shades and blinds in the market, choosing the one that suits perfectly with your windows is not an easy task. However, we could make it less hectic and worrisome for you.

Keeping the fact on the table, in this article, you will get a comprehensive guide on what you should look for before buying zebra blinds for your home. All the parameters of zebra window blinds with their respective pros and cons. But before moving further, let us briefly describe what zebra blinds are and what distinguishes them from the rest of the window dressings.

Zebra Blinds—A Solution to All Window Problems

Let's say you want light filtering and privacy benefits concurrently in the same blind. Likewise, you want to create a cohesive home interior with the same pair of blinds in your house. Zebra blinds are the solution to this problem and have the flexibility to provide you with more features.

The combination of two alternating strips making horizontal patterns with the fusion of two different fabrics. Sounds iconic, right? This is the composition of zebra blinds that also have traditional slats, making them semi-classic window treatments.

That's why these blinds are also known as dual blinds as they comprise sheer as well as opaque fabric. This unique style of blind creates a zebra-like pattern and adds a sophisticated yet minimalistic look to your space. Hence, by adjusting the position of these horizontal slats, you can filter light intensity as well as privacy.

Now you must be thinking that these blinds must be pricey for a homeowner. Zebra window blinds debunk this situation and come with highly affordable pricing. Else you can visit an online store like Shopeasyblinds to get the premium zebra blinds at highly economical price tags.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Zebra Shades In Canada

Zebra window blinds are one of the most flexible and versatile window blinds in Canada. Below, we will discover the factors that will help you make a more precise choice for these blinds.

1. Fabric Options

Zebra window blinds come in different fabrics but mainly sheer and opaque simultaneously. You can also get customized fabric to match your interior. Zebra blinds with sheer and opaque material composition provide light filtering properties. If you want to make your home ambiance dim during the daytime, this fabric option is best.

On the contrary, for more privacy protection and dedicated darkness in the room, blackout zebra blinds are best. Zebra blinds with blackout fabric provide pitch darkness and utmost privacy and security. That's why zebra blinds are also one of the most popular choices for media rooms and offices as well.

2. Safety Standards

While buying blinds for your space, keeping the Canadian specific safety standard is important to minimize injury risks. Especially if you have kids or pets, then blinds with cords might not be an ideal option for you. They are not restricted but not preferable for your home. For a more substantive solution, you may opt for motorized zebra blinds.

Motorized zebra blinds have a cordless operating mechanism and they are handled with an automated system or remote. Thus, making them safer and unique for smart homes integrations. Motorized zebra blinds are a more rational choice and a wise decision as a homeowner. These window treatments increase the ROI value of your home with their futuristic approach.

3. Window Size

Without any doubt, measuring your window dimensions perfectly is crucial to perfectly fit your blinds. This is an absolute approach to get elegant and functional window blinds. Examine your window depth to decide whether you want an inside or outside mount. Zebra blinds don't have a standard size and they come in a range of sizes to fit most types of windows.

However, if you have an unusually large window or a window with different dimensions, you can easily customize the size of your zebra blinds. Many retailers in Canada offer customized sizing window blinds. For instance, the general width can vary from 23 to 96 inches. Likewise, the length of the blind can range from 37 to 97 inches.

4. Maintenance

These blinds are one of the most efficient and easy-to-go window staples when it comes to their cleanliness and maintenance properties. You don't need any hard-to-fast rule to keep zebra blinds in their original shape and color for a long time. Dusting with a damp piece of cloth twice a week is enough. In case of any stain, you can effortlessly wash it by making a solution of any liquid detergent in water.

5. Versatility

If you are an enthusiastic home decor person and want to furnish your interior, then zebra blinds got you covered. Buy zebra blinds for your windows and get your desired color scheme, fabrics, and tones. Whether you want a classical style or contemporary design, you have many options. Blackout zebra blinds, beige color, and neutral color zebra blinds are perfect for a minimalistic approach.