7 Things To Consider Before Buying Window Blinds For Your Space

7 Things To Consider Before Buying Window Blinds For Your Space

Are you looking for blinds for your windows? With the emerging trend of sustainable fashion and environmentally friendly life choices, the trend of blinds for windows is also increasing. Because compared to curtains, blinds are more affordable and eco-friendly.

Moreover, window blinds depict a sophisticated yet luxurious look for your home. Whether you have a large window or a small one, you can consider blinds to cover your windows. There are many options of blinds in the market like zebra, roller, faux, or wood blinds to accommodate your style. The most popular and trend-making blinds in Canada are zebra and roller.

Likewise, faux blinds are also becoming the epitome of economical fashion as they mimic the appearance of real wood. With diverse options of window blinds on the market, it becomes difficult for a homeowner to decide the best one. To save you from choice paralysis, in this article, we will provide you with a complete guide. 

Scroll down and get to know the most important factors to look before buying window blinds!

7 Things To Consider Before Buying Window Blinds For Your Space 

1. Choose the Right Size

One of the foremost factors you need to look before buying window blinds for your home is their size. An inappropriate size of blinds will not fully entertain the function of them. To get the advantage of the blinds, ensure to take precise measurements of your windows. 

For accuracy, use tools like a metal tape and also measure the inside and outside of the window mount. Furthermore, for explicit results when measuring the inside mount, it is advised to deduct ½ inch from your taken measurements to ensure the blinds fit without scraping.

2. Buy the Right Material

Window treatments come in a variety of fabrics and materials to accommodate the needs of different rooms. Likewise, apart from functionality, blinds are also made to complete the aesthetic need of a house. However, the critical thing is to buy the blinds that fit right according to your needs. 

For example, roller blinds are best for high moisture areas and good for light and privacy control. Likewise, wood blinds are exquisite and popular but are not suggested for areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

3. Follow Your Instincts

Home decor choices are often followed by personal preference and touch. You don't have to stick to the trend or fast-paced fashion while choosing the blind. Just follow your own interior designing instinct and turn your house into a home. 

Many window blinds like zebra and roller come in a variety of designs and colors to complement your designing needs. Simultaneously, for an earthy and neutral home ambiance, you can buy blinds in colors like beige and white.

4. Compare the Price Factor

Apart from window blinds outlets, you can also buy blinds online. Many online retailers have economical pricing for window dressings compared to physical outlets. For example shopeasyblinds is one of the most affordbale online winodw blinds store. You can get inclusive options in terms of pricing, designing range, and fabric. While buying blinds from an online store, you should compare prices to get your favorite blinds at affordable pricing.

5. Maintenance and Cleanliness

This is the most underrated fact by homeowners before buying window blinds. Instead, a blind that costs you high maintenance and has a hard cleaning process could be a headache for you. So before choosing a blind for your window, always ask the retailer about its maintenance. 

For example, window blinds like zebra and roller are low maintenance window staples and need no rocket science and special detergents for their maintenance. So buy blinds that save your time and energy as well.

6. Look for Safety Measurements

If you have kids or pets at your home, then this factor should not be overlooked. The best solution to prioritize safety while buying blinds for your windows is to go for cordless blinds. In the market, motorized blinds are high in trend and they are becoming the favorite of homeowners. 

Firstly, because they are easy to operate, secondly, they are highly safe compared to cord blinds. Motorized blinds are not only a wise choice but also give your lifestyle a smart and modern touch.

7. Light Controlling and Privacy

Windows are the way to let the sunlight into your house. To regulate the amount of this sunlight, other factors like dust or noise, blinds are used. So, the blinds play a vital role in regulating and controlling the intensity of light. 

To utilize this feature of blinds efficiently, first, you need to buy a blind that can provide you privacy as well as light-filtering property. Blackout blinds or light-filtering window blinds are ideal for this job. You can customize your fabric like sheer or PVC fiber to get this job done.


What is the most popular type of blind?

Venetian, wood, roller, and zebra are one of the most popular and high-demand types of window blinds in the consumer market.

Which blind is best for privacy and light control?

Zebra or dual blinds and roller blinds, these two window staples are ideal for filtering light and privacy as they are made with premium materials.

Are blinds easy to clean?

Generally, it depends on the type of blinds you have. However, most blinds are easy to maintain and clean.