Advantages of Installing Zebra Shades & Blinds in Your Home

Advantages of Installing Zebra Shades & Blinds in Your Home

If you are done with traditional roller shades and want to transform your living or bedroom into something inventive, zebra shades and blinds are best. Zebra shades, also termed dual blinds, are timeless interior materials you can add to your home. 

Unlike obsolete roller blinders, zebra shades can fashion your house in an aesthetically pleasing way. Along with aesthetics, they can also allow you to filter the amount of sunlight you want in your room. Made from high-quality polymer, zebra blinds are highly durable and safe to use if you have kids.

With the easy motorization property of zebra blinds, you can adjust the exact position of these shades. Moreover, the level of privacy with zebra shades and blinds is unprecedented. Contrary to solar shades, the darker stripes of zebra shades provide enough thickness to block any outside view. 

In short, zebra shades and blinds are a good treatment for your windows. These fabric roller shades can embark on your home remodeling. At Shopeasyblinds, you can buy the best zebra shade and sheer shade in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. 

So let’s scroll down to unveil the secret of how these solid weave fabric blinds can turn your house into a home.

Advantages of Installing Zebra Shades & Blinds in Your Home 

Light Control & Privacy

You can achieve optimal light control with Zebra light filtering shade and their sheer strip design. These zebra blinds allow you to control the sunlight you want in your space. With the help of two layers of fabric, you can easily adjust the light intensity. 

These bands of sheer and opaque fabric assist you in reducing the extra amount of light while using a cord. That's why these shades are one of the best-selling window blinds in Canada and the world. 

Especially in summer when sunlight and glare can over warm your home. You can use zebra shades to filter or block the sun's rays. Privacy is also accompanied by zebra room darkening shade, as the premium material blocks the outside view. 

UV Protection & Furniture Preservation

If your furniture’s appearance has been fading or bleaching, it must be the UV rays reaching via the windows. Because your furniture is prone to UV fading in case of excessive exposure to sunlight. 

In this case, saving it by using high-quality blinds on windows is important. Zebra shades have UV protection properties that can rescue your furniture. The light-blocking fabric of zebra shades shuts off harmful Uv rays. 

It means by using zebra light filtering shade for your windows; you can preserve the color and quality of your flooring and furniture. Block out 99% of Uv rays and enjoy the original color of your artwork and furniture. 

Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Do you know you can save an average of 30% of electricity by simpling installing zebra light filtering shade? As we know, windows are an efficient way to manage energy and electricity costs. So a good window with high-quality blinds can save energy up to 10x times more. 

Zebra Room Darkening Shades provide maximum heat dissipation from a house in summer. Likewise, zebra shades trap maximum heat in winter and prevent it from escaping from windows. 

Thus, keep your home warm in winter when the temperature drops up to -5 degrees Celsius in Canada. In addition, with their motorization property, you can easily utilize natural sunlight for warmth in colder seas. 

Versatility in Design & Decor

As we discuss how a little improvement to the window blinds and shades can alter your home interior. Zebra shades and blinds come in diverse design options to add versatility to your interior design.

You can even customize your zebra blinds and shades according to your interior style and preferences. The main difference comes in the zebra shades' patterns, textures, and fabric selection.

Mostly, zebra shades are divided into two main catalogs: translucent and blackout. Translucent bands let the light seep light through them. On the other hand, no light can shine through blackout zebra shades. 

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

The fabric and material of zebra shades are effortless to clean and maintain. They can give a brand new look after dusting off once per week. Even removing any stain from zebra blinds is also a breeze. 

You just need a damp cloth to clean any spots or spills gently. The best way to keep the zebra shades in their original shape for a long time is to clean them with a soft brush. Dip the sponge in warm soapy water and gently tap the blinds. 

So there is no need to use any expensive or special detergent or liquid to dust them. Regular dusting is best; however, cleaning them once a week is also a good deal. You can save economically by investing in zebra shades as window installments.  

Child & Pet Safety

Homes with kids should be designed while keeping safety measures in check. While choosing high-quality furnisher and room color grading for your kids, safe window blinds are also important. 

Zebra shades are designed to prioritize safety, especially for homes with children or pets. They typically come in cord-free options and can seamlessly integrate with home automation systems for enhanced convenience and control.

Durability & Longevity

If you want to practice minimalism in your lifestyle, then zebra blinds are the best minimal decor items. With proper care, these blinds can last for an average of 7-8 years or even more. With their subtle design, zebra shades are trendy window installations these days. 

Their durable properties make them more in demand and often chosen by homeowners. The anti-static fabric of zebra shades prevents dust from accumulating and maintains the shine for a long time. 

By avoiding abrasive cleaners, you can expand the life of zebra shades. Plus, the position adjustment of zebra shades can also impact durability. You must use high-quality components like control chains, cords, and pulleys for smooth movement. 


Cordless zebra light filter shades, with their streamlined design, are go-to window blinds for homeowners. Zebra shades would be an ideal option, especially if you are a full-time office person and don't have enough time for home dusting. Visit shopeasyblinds and buy premium quality zebra shades and blinds at affordable pricing in Canada.