Exploring the Different Types of Roller Shades

Exploring the Different Types of Roller Shades

Roller shades are timeless and classic window-covering items and essential parts of every Canadian home. With their amazing metrics of benefits and pros, they are used not only for residential but also for commercial purposes. One of the reasons for their popularity is their diversity when it comes to color, texture, fabric, and types. 

You will find different types of operating mechanisms to control the roller shades. For example, motorized shades, side chains, springs, and geared crank rods. Likewise, they are available in different types for significant purposes. For complete privacy, blackout roller shades are the number one choice. 

Light-filtering roller shades are best for filtering light while blocking the outside view. Unlike blinds, roller shade doesn’t have slates or veins; it is made up of a sheet of fabric or materials. Speaking of fabric, you can customize it according to your need and preference. 

In this article, you will discover the different types of roller shades on two bases; fabric and mechanism. For your convenience, we have divided them into these two categories.

Below are the Different Types of Roller Shades Available in Canada

Blackout Roller Blinds

One of the most cost-effective and popular roller blinds are block-out shades that have a significant purpose. One of the essential purposes of these blinds is to completely block the light from providing privacy. That's why these blinds are the number one choice for master bedrooms and offices. 

Moreover, these blinds are also known as thermal shades. Because of the thicker fabric and its insulating properties, blackout blinds are also ideal if you want to make your sleep disturbance free. These blinds completely block the pathway of sunlight and also keep the room warm in winter. 

Light-filtering Roller Blinds

Like the translucent blinds, they don't completely block the light but let you control the amount of light you want to let in the room. They are best at keeping the balance between privacy and lighting in the room. That's why they are best to install in the living room, kids room, and kitchen. 



The fabric of light-filtering roller blinds blocks the view from outside; hence no one can see through it. That's why they are called translucent because only light can enter through them. In addition, these shades also block the heat intensity and reduce its glare. Henceforth, keeps your home airy and cool during summer.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Are you afraid of losing the bright and natural look of your furniture and flooring due to the intense glare of sunlight? These blinds are perfect partners for homeowners who have a lot of windows in their homes. The premium and high-quality fabric of sunscreen roller blinds can efficiently block UV and IR rays.

With sunscreen roller shades, you can protect your furniture from fading while still enjoying the sunlight. Being able to reduce 95% of UV rays, these are the best choice for residential as well as commercial use. These shades are also perfect for minimalistic interiors. 

Dual Roller Shades

Another best alternative to sunscreen roller shades is dual roller shades that provide effective sun protection. These shades give you a variety of choices in terms of fabric, color, and texture. Basically, this type of roller shade is made up of two types of fabric. Whatever your color scheme is, dual fabric roller shades would be available in that color. 

However, you can also buy the motorize dual roller shades for kids' protection and quick operation. The automobile feature makes them in high demand in houses. You don't have to pay a lot of dollars to achieve all these benefits. These shades are one of the low maintenance and affordable shades. 

Spring Operated Shades 

This type of roller shape is operated via a spring mechanism that holds the shade in the desired position. In this kind of mechanism, the shade is lowered or pushed above by pulling the spring attached to the fabric. 



These shades come in room-darkening and light-filtering fabric. 

You can also customize the fabric according to your need and the interior of the house. These one-handed and self-retracing operated shades are best for outdoor window installation. 

Sidechain Roller Shades

These are the most popular types of roller shades that are a part of every Canadian home and office. Best for large windows and for small offices or apartments. Like side chain operated shades, this shade is also available in room darkening and light filtering shades. The whole configuration is fitted by a chain, which is cushioned into the roller tube.

The chains are made from robust and stainless steel material for easy, seamless operation. However, these blinds are recommended for homeowners with kids. The concern is for the child and pet's safety to prevent any injury. 

Geared crank rod Mechanism

Geared crank rod uses a geared mechanism to raise or lower the shade. This type of roller shade uses a system of window covering that consists of fabric comprised of a series of gears. While rotating, the rod and gears move simultaneously and cause the tube to roll, and resultantly, the fabric goes up and down. 

With this shade, you can easily adjust the height and position of the blinds according to your need. Moreover, geared mechanism roller shades are built to last longer and are made from premium materials. Install them in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Perfect for large indoor windows and for a minimalistic interior approach.  

Motorized Shade 

Back in the days, these shades were only purchased for commercial buildings and offices. Nowadays, these are also trending in homes because of their easy-to-operate procedures. However, they are categorized under luxury home items. 

If you want a smart home module, then these roller shades are ideal for this picture. The process is pretty simple as you just have to open them with the help of a button or remote. You can also set a timer for their closing and opening.