Everything You Need to Know About Zebra Shades and Blinds

Everything You Need to Know About Zebra Shades and Blinds

Zebra shades and blinds are one of the finest and most functional window covering items. With their unique design, premium fabric, and features, these fabrics are common among homeowners. These blinds are also known as dual blinds because of their opaque and sheer fabric. 

They are also a modern alternatives to roller blinds if you want to switch from roller shades. In terms of their manufacturing and fabric, these blinds are made from exclusive fabric and PES material. The PES is a polymer that provides zebra shades durability and strength to withstand the wear and tear of weather. 

Moreover, by adjusting the strips, you can control the amount of light you want inside. Unlike typical horizontal blinds, zebra blinds use two different strips to control the light and adjust the temperature of the room. It means you don't have to rotate, raise and lower the blinds.  

Just use the strips to block or let the light inside your room. You can also use the band position to block the light. So adjust according to your requirement and align the surface of the strips accordingly. Apart from the fabric, these blinds are also available in different types of operation mechanisms. 

For example, motorized, chord, and cordless offer a convenient methods to control the blinds. Unlike regular blinds, zebra shades provide a high level of privacy. Their solid construction provides an effective balance in achieving a balance between light and privacy. 

Advantages and Benefits of Zebra Shades and Blinds 


Are you looking to remodel your home with some cozy and modern window blinds but with a minimal approach? Zebra blinds In Canada are one of the blinds that provide versatility from contemporary to traditional designs. You can also customize the color, texture, size, and design of the binds according to your requirements. 

Moreover, zebra blinds can also be tailored to suit different room requirements. At shopeasyblinds, we have versatile options of zebra shades. For example, Aspen blackout shades, Tofino white, Tofino beige and zebra light filtering shade. Made from 100% polyester, they provide a modern and sleek look to any room.

Light Control 

The solid and opaque fabric of zebra blinds blocks an extra amount of sunlight from the outside and keeps the inside temperature of your house optimal. That's why they are widely used in Canadian homes. It depends on you whether you want a complete blackout of light or want particular light to let in. In case of complete blockage of light, buy zebra room-darkening shades

These shades provide more privacy and protection from sun rays. The special fabric of zebra shades also protects your furniture from UV and IR rays. These shades are lined up in such a way that they do not even let the strips of light enter the room if you want complete privacy. 


As mentioned earlier, room-darkening zebra shades or black shades are best when it comes to privacy. These are best for master bedrooms as they completely block the outside view, even in the daytime. Because contrary to vertical blinds, the strips of zebra blinds are lined in such an order that they don't let the light in. So choose the fabric according to your need. 

Energy Efficiency

Zebra blinds are one of the best energy-efficient sources. The unique fabric of Zebra blinds has insulating properties that keep the temperature of your home optimal in any weather condition. It means in summer, your sauce will remain cold, and in winter, it keeps the room warm and shielded. 

Easy Maintenance

The thought that blind maintenance can take a lot of time, effort, and money is scary. What if we tell you that zebra blinds are easy-to-maintain blinds? For a brand new and shiny look, you just need to do a dusting with a soft brush or cloth. However, In case of any stain, mix liquid detergent in mild water and rub the spot gently. After cleaning, let it dry with a dry cloth. 

Choosing Zebra Shades for your Home

Considering the Room's Function

This is a crucial step that further elevates the interior design and look of your home. When choosing window blinds, color is an important factor. Color plays a vital role in creating the ambiance of any space. In the case of blinds, neutral colors like white and gray are good for a minimalist look. For a bigger room, you can use bright colors like blue and zebra room-darkening shades.

Requirements of the Room

A home has different rooms, such as the kitchen, master bedroom, kids' room, living room, dining room, basement, and bathroom. Choosing the type of zebra blinds that reflects the needs of a specific room is perfect. This will provide you with more definite results and will definitely last for a long time. For example, for the kitchen, zebra blinds with water-resistant properties are best. As they can absorb moisture without damaging the fabric.

Sizing and Installation

This is another important step that you should add to your list. It includes looking at different mounting options, taking accurate measurements, and motorization options. This step may also require guidance from professionals in terms of mounting and measurement. It also includes testing the operation of newly installed blinds to see if they are working smoothly.


In short, zebra blinds and shades are a classic solution for your windows. They provide an aesthetic look and shield from harsh weather. For the best experience. So you should buy them from trusted and reputable manufacturers. Visit Shopeasyblinds for a unique and wide variety of zebra shades. You can find numerous roller shades and faux wood blinds type according to your need.