Popular Color Choices and Patterns for Zebra Blinds For your Home

Popular Color Choices and Patterns for Zebra Blinds For your Home

Unlike traditional horizontal blinds, zebra blinds are a modern alternative to obsolete window covering patterns. Being said as dual blinds, these window staples are a timeless and popular choice of window shades among homeowners. The combination of sheer fabric and opaque strips advocates functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Versatility is one of the salient features of zebra blinds along with adaptability. Characteristics like aesthetic appeal, an effortless operating mechanism, light control, and privacy make them top-notch window blinds in Canada.

Following that, the demand for zebra choices is accelerating in residential as well as commercial sectors. These blinds fit right into the image of perfect home decor. With their dual fabric quality, you can turn your room interior into any Pinterest-inspired home.

However, the versatile options in color and pattern of zebra blinds in Canada could give you choice paralysis. Providing you with a solution, here is a complete guide on contrasting the zebra blind according to your interior.

Tips for Choosing the Right Zebra Shade Color: Elevate Your Interior

Way of Natural Light

Aesthetic aside, practicality comes first when we buy any home essential. Zebra blinds ideally address this need and bring the best solution to the table. The zebra light-filtering shade allows you to control the amount of light you want in your house.

As the name commends, these light-filtering zebra blinds have sheer fabric with horizontal strips to regulate light. Light-colored zebra blinds will reduce the intensity of light and make your room more spacious.

Magic of Neutral Tones

If you have dark intrinsic house architecture and wall paints like olive, brown, or black, the light-colored zebra shades are best for your place. For example, the Tofino Beige zebra shade color brings warmth and evokes the feeling of coziness. Likewise, you can select from a spectrum of pastel colors available in zebra shades to get the best contrast with your vintage-painted house walls.

Blackout Zebra Blinds

If you’re a person who likes dimness in the daytime at your space and needs pitch darkness at night while sleeping, zebra room darkening shades are for you. This color of zebra window blinds not only provides functionality but also grooms your space interior. For a more premium look, you can add a touch of neutral color curtains and pair them with black zebra blinds.

Adding a curtain pair is an exception and a choice dependent, solely blackout blinds give enough cover to your windows. Their minimalistic and dark appearance creates an ambiance of peace, stillness, and also keeps the temperature of your space optimal.

White Zebra Blinds

Full white interiors are getting popular day by day, firstly because they promote a minimalist look of a space and secondly, they bring calmness and a sophisticated look. The simple yet imperative all-white atmosphere with a matching pair of white zebra horizontal strips can turn your space into a worth-living cozy area.

This brings the feeling of comfort and uniqueness to the interior of your house. You can make your guests say wow, with this color palette contrast. Because all-white affairs can never go wrong.

Coordinate with Your Furniture

Furniture is one of the main factors that could provide you with a reference point to choose your window coverings. This will not only give your interior a harmonious look but will also create a coherent ambience effect. Especially if you have dark-tone furniture, you could complement it with neutral color zebra shades.

Customization of Zebra Blinds for Your Window

Are you looking for a customized size, color, pattern, and operating style of zebra blinds for your window? We can make this possible for you! At shopeasyblinds, we have a variety of options in zebra blinds with categorizing of light filtering and room darkening fabrics. You can get your customized zebra blinds in manual as well as motorized operating mechanisms.

Whether you’re looking for dark colors or want to neutralize your interior schemes, we got everything for you. For premium quality, top-notch sheer quality fabric, and grandeur design of zebra shades, visit shopeasyblinds. We have made everything easy for you at a single click. Choose your favorite window blinds and turn your dream home interior into reality.


Can zebra shades block sunlight?

Yes, the zebra room darkening shade provides insulation between sunlight and your room, thus also keeps your room’s temperature optimal.

Are zebra blinds easy to wash?

These blinds are one of the most low-key maintenance window treatments and are easily washable and dustable.

Are zebra blinds good for Canadian homes?

Yes, because these window coverings have the feature of providing insulation against the harsh weather conditions of Canada.

Are zebra blinds good for privacy?

Yes, these blinds are a no-brainer when it comes to maintaining privacy and controlling the amount of light inside your space.

Are zebra blinds energy efficient?

The light-filtering quality of zebra shades makes them a good source for regulating the temperature, thus making them an excellent energy-efficient window blind.