Struggling with Harsh Sunlight at Home? How Blinds Can Be Your Solution

Struggling with Harsh Sunlight at Home? How Blinds Can Be Your Solution

A standard double-panel window lets in 76% of sunlight. This sunlight is a blessing in winter but can be challenging in summer. It can also be a threat to your furniture and flooring, causing discoloration of furniture and décor.

You need a good window treatment to protect your interior from structural damage. Blinds are one of the best practical solutions when it comes to window coverings. The diverse variety and diverse benefits of blinds protect you and your home.

Moreover, an intense glare of natural light can disturb your sleep pattern, leading to disrupted sleep. Not only your sleep, your skin can also get damaged because sunlight has UV and infrared rays. This is a nightmare for any homeowners, especially if you have kids and pets.

Here is the catch: blinds like blackout, light-filtering, and room-darkening shades address the issue of light control in an effective way. You can get an instant solution by installing these blinds as your window coverings. That's why in this article, we will discuss the types and fabrics of blinds that are best to protect you from harsh sunlight.

Blackout blinds

As the name suggests, these are the blinds that block out 100% of light to provide complete darkness. They not only provide darkness and protection from the sun but also grant privacy. That's why they are an ideal match to install in bedrooms, media rooms, kids' rooms, and offices. Unlike standard blinds, blackout window blinds are slightly thicker.

Most blackout blinds are made from PVC material and blackout fabric. This fabric provides an opaque characteristic to the blind and makes it blackout. You can also buy these blinds with a combination of polyester and cotton. Here are the varieties of blackout blinds available at

  • Black Roller
  • Zebra Blackout
  • Aspen Blackout Black
  • Blackout Silver
  • Blackout Black

The sturdy layered fabric provides insulation and keeps the room temperature optimal. Their absolute thin lining covers all microscopic light through which a light ray can escape into your room. So, if you have sleep problems and don't want any disturbance during sleeping, these blinds are a perfect candidate for this job.


  • Provides outright darkness
  • Contributes to thermal insulation
  • Best for quality sleep
  • Ideal for bedrooms and screening rooms

Light filtering blinds

Another window blind that can protect you from harsh sunlight is light-filtering window coverings. Contrary to blackout blinds, they do not block out the light, but let you control the amount and intensity of light you want in your home. So, this type of blind is appropriate for homeowners who want sunlight in their home.

Light-filtering blinds allow harsh sunlight to be transformed into bearable sunrays. They are made from coarsely woven material that allows light to enter the room and provide a dim or diffused ambiance. With these blinds, you can save up to 30% on your electricity costs. Here are some of the options for blinds with light-filtering properties:

Aesthetically, light-filtering blinds give your space an attractive look and create a soothing ambiance. You can control the degree of privacy and light by adjusting the slats and fabric of these blinds. The combination of translucent and opaque fabric provides utter control over the intensity of light.


  • 90% protection from UV rays
  • Aesthetically pleasing interior
  • Control the amount of sunlight
  • Reduce the need for artificial light during the day
  • Energy-efficient solution

Room-darkening blinds

Last but not least, room-darkening blinds are a good option if you want something in between light-filtering and blackout blinds. They provide more light control than light-filtering shades but less than blackout blinds. So, if you are confused between light and blackout blinds, room-darkening are perfect for you.

Made from sheer weave of acrylic-coated polyester, these blinds are sturdy and durable. The inner layer is composed of fiberglass lining which reduces edge curling. They are best installed on the areas of the house which face streetlights and light pollution. They will keep the hold on light entering your house. Here are some of the best room-darkening shades:

  • Zebra room darkening blinds
  • Roller room darkening shades
  • Cellular shades
  • Redi shade
  • Double layered blind

Room-darkening shades are durable and also provide protection from the sun. The insulating material keeps your house warm in winters and airy in summers. Thus, they also reduce the energy costs, making them energy efficient.


  • Control temperature regulation
  • Protection of furniture
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce intense sun glare
  • Improve sleep quality

Which One Is Best For You?

Keeping in mind the factors and benefits of the blinds mentioned above, the decision depends on you. Blackout, light-filtering, and room-darkening blinds are ideal for their respective functions. You can also customize these blinds to match your unique taste. To learn more about the size, installation, and varieties, visit We have roller, zebra, faux wood, light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout window blinds made with premium quality materials.


Can people see through light filtering blinds?

No, light-filtering blinds are not see-through. They successfully block onlookers from peeking their sights into your house.

Do blackout blinds reduce UV rays?

Yes, blackout blinds provide complete protection from harmful rays of the sun, including UV rays. This helps protect you and your furniture from sun damage.

Which blinds are best for privacy?

All of the blinds mentioned above are good for privacy and light control. However, the most appropriate in the list is blackout room blinds, as they completely block the passage of light.

Are light filtering blinds good for bedrooms?

It depends on your choice and preference, as these blinds let a small amount of light into the room. So, if you want morning natural light in your room, then these blinds are a good option.

What is the difference between room darkening and blackout blinds?

Room darkening blinds provide sun protection up to 95%, while blackout blinds eliminate light up to 100% and provide pitch darkness.