What You Need to Know Before You Buy Window Blinds in Canada

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Window Blinds in Canada

Window blinds are more than just window coverings as they provide numerous benefits. So there are some factors that you should look at before buying blinds for your window. Speaking of blinds, there is a wide variety of blinds that comes in different fabric, materials, color, and operating mechanism. 

The ideal blinds are one that perfectly complements your home ad keeps it warm in winter and airy in summer. Similarly, blinds can save your electricity costs and provide insulation from weather and harmful sun rays with their incredible properties. Roller and zebra blinds are perfect blinds in Canada when it comes to privacy and light control solutions. 

Blinds come in various types and fabrics that make them significant from each other. Each blinds deliver particular purposes like moisture resistance, light control, privacy, and room darkening. Some blinds can even filter the amount of sunlight and block the UV and IR rays. Roller, zebra, and faux wooden blinds are top of the row of all blinds. Zebra shades are best for light filtering, and roller blinds are best for maintaining privacy. 

In this article, we will walk through the different factors you should consider before buying window blinds for your home. So scroll down and find out the factors that would help you in buying your ideal blinds for windows. Moreover, if you are thinking of buying blinds online, then visit shopeasyblinds.com for a variety of window blinds. 

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Window Blinds


Fabric, aluminum, PVC and wood, and faux are the most used ingredients for the composition of window blinds. Faux is a combination of vinyl and adhesive that provide a real-wood look. As natural wood is expensive, faux wood blinds with real-wood-like grain texture almost reflect the wood look. If you prefer cotton blinds, you can consider zebra shades, and similarly, roller shades are also available in sheer or opaque thick cotton fabric. 


Measuring window edges and dimensions precisely is the first and foremost crucial step. It will decide the LxWxH of the blind you are going to buy. Almost every blind is available for standard window size. In case you have large windows, you can customize the size. Roller, zebra, and faux wooden binds can easily customize to fit into your window slide. 


The color of your window blinds can make your room or space look bigger or brighter. It can also make it look smaller or less noticeable. To maintain the desired effect, choose a color with the right temperament. For example, neutral colors like white and beige are best for rooms, as they make the space look brighter and bigger. Conversely, you can choose darker shade colors like brown, blue, and wood, depending on your preference.


Blinds are a great solution for window covering, and they range in price from affordable to premium. This does not mean that affordable blinds are not good enough for your home. There are many window blinds that are economical without compromising on quality. Zebra shades and roller blinds are examples of these kinds of blinds. That is why they are widely used in both residential and commercial areas.


Homeowners with children and pets are always looking for blinds that can provide safety and protection from accidents and injuries. The best solution for this is to buy cordless blinds like motorized blinds. These blinds are operated via remote control or button. Blinds like roller, zebra, and faux wood blinds are easily available in motorized operation. So, if you have children, it is best to avoid buying spring or chain blinds.


Most blinds do not require professional installation. However, it depends on the type of blind and the manufacturer. Blinds that come with a hassle-free installation process are always recommended and appreciated by buyers, especially homeowners.


Most blinds are easy to maintain and clean, but some are easier than others. For example, zebra and roller blinds do not require daily dusting. Cleaning them once a week is sufficient to maintain their originality without causing much stress. Likewise, in case of any stain, you can wipe it off with a regular detergent solution. Window blinds, like faux wooden blinds, are made from premium fabric and material that can withstand the wear and tear of weather.

Room function

Consider the location of the blinds' installation before buying them. Blinds for the kitchen may not be suitable for the bedroom. Likewise, blinds for the bathroom may not be ideal for blinds for the children's room. Figuring out the right type for a specific room is not difficult. 

You just need to find the fabric type of the blind. For example, zebra blinds have the effective feature of light control and privacy. So they are best for bedrooms and living rooms. Similarly, faux wooden blinds have moisture-resistance properties, so they can be hung in the kitchen or humid areas like the bathroom.


Zebra blinds and shades provide the best privacy and protection from sun rays, so they are ideal for this solution. However, if you want to try something different, then roller blinds are the best alternative to zebra blinds. These blinds are also equipped with a privacy feature and block the view from outside. They are a perfect match for installation in small offices and bedrooms.


Harmonizing window blinds and coverings with the rest of the surroundings are important. There are different textures and designs of blinds on the market that provide a sophisticated yet elegant look. To find the perfect match according to your interior, first figure out what kind of design you need. Minimalist, luxurious, sophisticated, or dark. You can even customize your window blinds according to your flooring and furniture color.

Energy efficiency

Window blinds are a good source for saving energy and electricity costs. According to a survey, homes with window blinds have lower electricity costs than homes without window coverings. Because windows are a gateway to stop or let the heat or air into your house. 

If you can control it and channel it in the right direction, you can save your energy expenses. For example, faux wooden blinds have insulating properties that keep the heat inside the house in winter and keep it warm.