Top 5 Zebra Blinds Styles to Elevate Your Home Decor

Top 5 Zebra Blinds Styles to Elevate Your Home Decor

Zebra shades are timeless fashion when it comes to the best window covering. Apart from their beauty and durability, their dual functionality is also one of the factors of their popularity. Coming towards the diversity of zebra shades, they are accessible in numerous styles, tones, and designs. 

You can also customize these shades to make them fit according to your interior. In terms of functionality, they are resistant to fading and highly moisture-absorbent. You can hang them in the bathroom, laundry area, and living room. For privacy concerns, these shades provide top protection from the outside. Even in daylight, you can completely block the view of your home from outside. 

Modern architecture and home demands modern interior elements. That's why homeowners' first choice is zebra shades. Whether you want a sophisticated look or a simple look, zebra blinds cover both. Along with beauty, these shades also serve best for long-time use and durability.  

Buy from trusted and reliable manufacturers or stores for the best results. is one of the best online stores providing zebra, roller, and motorized shades in premium quality. You can also customize it according to your needs and choices.  

In this article, we will cover the best zebra blinds in Canada that can turn your home interior into your dream home. Furthermore, you will also get the answer to the most asked question about zebra shades to clear your confusion. 

Top 5 Zebra Blinds Styles to Elevate Your Home Decor 

Zebra blinds are available in a wide variety but can be distinguished into two types on the basis of their working principle.  One is a blackout and the other is light-filtering zebra shades. These two perform distinctive functions with different fabrics and properties. Below down there are the top 5 best selling zebra shades. They are not only in the high end but also ideal to use for commercial as well as residential use. 

1: Aspen Blackout Black

It is a type of blackout zebra shades that are used to provide utmost privacy. Generally, these types of zebra shades are made from two types of fabric alternating each other. One is opaque and the other is translucent. It let you control the amount of light. You can adjust the position of these blinds to completely block the passage of light. 

In this way, they provide privacy and protection from sun rays. So these Aspen blackout black zebra shades are best for areas that are prone to sun rays damage. Especially they are best for master bedrooms and living areas. You can also choose them for small offices or compact working spaces. 

2: Tofino Beige Zebra Shades

Tofino beige is another one of the best color tones in the zebra shades category. These shades are ideal for minimalistic and simple home decor. Moreover, if you want a straightforward and painless window covering item, these are best to add to your cart. It is worth noting that Tofino beige is a fade-resistant color and it can withstand sun rays. 

So you can buy them for your living area, lounge and dining room. The neutral vibe of this color gives your house a relaxed and sober touch. Plus, these are easy to clean and thus can be hung in high-traffic areas like living rooms. 

3: Tofino White Zebra Shades

These shades are from the zebra light Filtering shades category which consists of two alternating fabrics. It is a sub-type of blackout zebra shade with more control over the amount of light you want to filter. The amount of light can easily be adjusted by raising or lowering the shades or by overlapping their strips. You can choose this tone of zebra shades in different materials like cotton, bamboo, and polyester. 

It comes in two different types of chain and side of control. It means you can select either you want a white poly chain or a metal chain. Similarly, you can select the right or left side to control the shades according to the design and location of your window. 

4: Motorized zebra shades

Motorized zebra shades are a type of zebra shade that allows you to control the movement of shades vis remote control or switch. You can customize the color, size, and fabric or even the type of motorization. For example, you can select the zebra room darkening shade with a motorization option. For further customization, you can choose an element like a motor, switch, or battery. 

These shades are best for commercial use, especially for offices and companies. You can also infuse them in your home as a smart home function. They are ideal for windows that are at sky height position. These blinds make the cleaning and maintenance process easy and convenient. 

5: Tofino Dark Grey Shades

Another type of zebra shade from the blackout category is Tofino dark grey shades. They are made from 100% polyester and provide resistance to fading and to any kind of stain. Henceforth they are best for areas like the kitchen, kids' room, and dining room. Along with resistance to sun rays, Tofino dark shades are ideal for an area with high moisture intent. 

The purpose of these blinds is to provide you with light and privacy control. Regarding maintenance and cleaning these shades are best as they require a little effort to clean. These shades are best if you want to give your house a stylish yet elegant touch. 


Do zebra shades require maintenance?

Zebra shades are easy to maintain. You can simply dust them off with a damp cloth or brush.

Are zebra shades good for kids' rooms?

Motorized zebra shades are ideal for kids' rooms or even for master bedrooms. They are best at providing privacy.

Do zebra shades let in light?

Light-filtering zebra shades are best for controlling the amount of light you want to let in your house.

Can zebra shades be customized?

Yes, zebra shades can be customized according to your preference and choice. You can personalize the fabric and size.

Are zebra blinds fashionable?

Zebra shades are one of the most popular and timeless window treatments for residential as well as commercial use.